Shaping the Future 2024

Welcome to the Edinburgh Science Festival, the world’s first and largest celebration of science! Immerse yourself in a two–week extravaganza from 30 March–14 April 2024, where we bring science to life through an exciting array of events, workshops, shows, and talks for all ages.

What does the future hold for us? Where will we be as individuals, as a community, as a planet in 10 years time? With constant news headlines of war, climate change and tech fears, it can be easy to lose hope – but our future isn’t set.

This year’s Science Festival explores the theme Shaping the Future, showcasing on some of the cutting-edge science that can help us create a future that is sustainable, accessible and equal for all.

Explore how biomaterials may be the sustainable solution to combat over consumption in our Growing Home exhibition, learn how Artificial Intelligence can be used ethically to make our lives easier and take part in workshops and activities that prove science is for everyone. As a community we can embrace science and work together to make real change – how will you shape the future?

Our diverse programme caters to a wide range of interests, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a science enthusiast, a curious mind, a creative or a family looking for an educational adventure, the Edinburgh Science Festival promises amazing and interactive experiences.

Explore the wonders of science at various venues scattered across the picturesque city of Edinburgh, making it convenient for everyone to join in the fun. Our mission is to make science accessible and enjoyable for all.

Join us in creating unforgettable memories as we delve into the fascinating world of science together. The Edinburgh Science Festival invites you to be a part of this global celebration, where innovation and curiosity collide to inspire the scientists in all of us.