We bring interactive science shows and workshops directly into primary schools across Scotland

Our touring programme for primary schools, Generation Science, is one of the UK’s premier science education outreach programmes. Since 1991, this initiative has traversed the educational landscape, reaching over a million pupils in schools. Over 30% of the programme is delivered for free, with all other state schools offered a heavily subsidised visit. Every year we visit all 32 local authorities in Scotland and we are committed to supporting Scotland’s education system to create positive and long-lasting memories and experiences in STEM.

At the core of our educational philosophy is an innovative, hands-on approach, fostering interactive learning through face-to-face engagement with passionate instructors. We empower students to cultivate independent thought by providing them with real tools and materials to explore the wonders of science at their own pace. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, positioning us as an ideal partner for the development of education outreach programmes.

Booking for the 2025 Generation Science tour will open this Autumn.