The rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence is creating challenges for the creative industries around human creativity, originality, intellectual property and ethics.

However, AI has incredible potential as a tool for creative work – for experimentation or as part of an ideation process. Hear from creative professionals working with AI to enhance their projects – from developing playful innovations to creating new revenue streams for sound and audio production.

Chaired by Frauke Zeller, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Creative Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University.


Ana Betancourt, Black Goblin
Black Goblin is a sound research and technology company on a quest to transform the way creators work with sound. Their product Thol, is a sound design suite that empowers media content creators to craft high-quality, customisable sound effects directly to image, streamlining processes without compromising artistic vision. Recently, Ana has showcased Thol at SXSW and the Berlin Film Festival.

Catherine Stewart, Data Mind Audio
Catherine Stewart is the MD and co-founder of DataMind Audio, an audio software company founded by artists for artists, with a uniquely ethical approach to AI. DataMind Audio has created a process and a product range that puts artists in the driving seat – and makes sure they are properly paid for their digital DNA.

Theodore Koterwas, Artist 
Theodore is an artist exploring how physical interactions with artificial intelligence affect the way we perceive and empathise with ‘others’, both human and non-human. As Creative AI Artist in Residence for Inspace at the University of Edinburgh he investigated AI through the human body, haptics and gesture culminating in an Installation for the 2023 Edinburgh Science Festival in which an AI interacted with participants through tactile vibrations. He has since extended this work to critically examine deep fake voice cloning and to experiment with the creative possibilities of physical AI in music and dance.