Get creative and explore the past and future of materials and how biomaterials can be used for fashion, engineering and more.

For centuries, humans have been using materials made from natural sources. But now, as we face the consequences of over-consumption, biomaterials could be key in unlocking a sustainable – and stylish – future.

Take a journey through biologically derived materials and discover how they will become part of future building, packaging, fashion, daily living and more.

Get hands on with our two activity zones. Become a material tester and create a new biomaterial garment or be a designer to build and control your own prototype robot.
Younger explorers can discover all about the materials that make up their world and how we use language to describe them in our 5 and under zone.

Growing Room
Standing three meters high, this impressive sculpture, devised and created by the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment, is made from biomaterials. Incorporating wool and mycelium to give it strength and stability, the piece shows the research into the future of biomaterials as a part of the wider built environment.

A display of biomaterial themed garments by inspiring Edinburgh-based artist Emily Raemaekers. The garments will feature mycelium material and leather made from vegetable processing waste in combination with cutting edge environmentally-friendly fabrics. Adorned with elaborate laser cut designs inspired by mycelium structures, hand carved lino print patterns and featuring plant-derived biomaterial dyes.