Are you inspired by our Consumed exhibition? Find out how to play YOUR part in a shift to a circular economy and save some cash as well as the planet.

What can you do?

Consumed is about empowerment. Consumers have the power to affect the behaviour of companies and governments; you have that power!

To help guide you, we have compiled a list of resources available in Scotland. If you don’t live here, then take inspiration from this list to see what is possible in your local area!

If you want to find out more about our own sustainable journey in creating the exhibition, scroll down to find out more.



Too Good To Go is an app where local shops can sell you older food products for a discounted price, helping you cut food waste with their surprise bags!

Waste Not Want Not: From citrus peel to stale bread, there are lots of things you can make from food you would usually think is waste!

Eat Seasonally: Want to eat in season? Food and Drink Scotland and Love British Food have handy guides for you!

Meat-free Mondays?: Interested in meat-free Mondays but don’t know where to start? Veganuary’s website has you covered

Get Educated: Education is one of our most powerful tools in the fight against food waste. If you are a teacher, you can download Zero Waste Scotland’s Food Waste Monitoring Kit for Schools

From Field to Fork: If you want to learn more about food, transport and carbon, Our World In Data has loads of well-researched information.



Get Inspired: Find out more about Petit Pli, Mama Moon Vintage and Chip[s] Board on their websites

Think Vintage: Vintage and second-hand sites are everywhere, including Depop, Vinted, and Oxfam Online

The Edinburgh Remakery has an amazing suite of workshops and a shop where you can buy refurbished tech and rent sewing machines!

Sew you can: Made to Sew have a series of online classes that show you the basics of sewing with a machine

Visible mending: Interested to see what visible mending looks like? Look no further!



Tooled Up: Edinburgh Tool Library was the first of its kind in the UK. There’s one in Dundee too, as well as across Scotland in places like Glasgow, Stirling and Crieff!

Play Time: Instead of buying new toys all the time, why not rent them? There are toy libraries across Scotland including right here in Edinburgh

Circular Scotland: The Circular Communities Scotland map tells you where you can buy all sorts of good second hand across the country