Inspiring curiosity since 1989

The Edinburgh Science Festival began 35 years ago as the world’s first public celebration of science and technology as a Festival, and continues to take places annually over the Easter holidays.

Celebrating the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the Festival programme includes explosive shows and hands-on activities for families and engaging talks and immersive experiences for adults.

Edinburgh Science Festival 2025

The next Festival will run Saturday 5 – Sunday 20 April and will explore the challenges of living on a planet with finite resources, through the lenses of science fiction and space exploration, with the theme Spaceship Earth.

‘Live like an astronaut’ in the battle cry of a new movement that urges us to learn from the constraints of living on a space station, or a distant planet, where resources are impossibly constrained and every gram of material and watt of energy is precious. Transferring these principles to life on Earth would radically reduce the pressures we place on natural resources.