It's time to open your eyes, your hands and your nostrils to life on the coastline!

The Sensory Seashore Scrapbook is a self-led trail exploring life on our coasts and how to experience it using all of our senses. Through a series of activities for the whole family, you will experience the sea in a more sensational way, using our guide to note down what you find. You can try the activities on any part of the coast – in Scotland that’s over 18,000km to choose from!

To take part in the Sensory Seashore Scrapbook:

  • Print our guide or download it to a mobile device and bring along some paper and pens
  • Find a spot on the coast
  • If you want, you can download apps like iNaturalist or PlantNet to help you identify the animals you find there
  • Share your pics and drawings with us on social media